Councils must get down to human scale has been busy in 2014, and promises to stay positively active, connected and involved in 2015.

The campaign is supported by their patron Christian Wolmar and, together with seven other city cycling campaigns, they have written to the minister, made suggestions to Cllr Nick Forbes, and their Campaign Management Committee adopted policies for successful engineering and planning approaches on behalf of their 1,500 strong membership, amongst other things.

Katja, chair of says: “The main message is sometimes still not getting through and is worth repeating.

“Providing space for cycling is not a question of space availability as councils often put it, it’s about eliminating road danger, risk to life and making the transport system and the entire city fit and accessible for all types of mobilities and demographics. We need to put people at the heart of city road design. Use the human size – mind, shape and form – as a design unit, not motor vehicles, to create inclusive environments for people of all ages and abilities. That’s what’s shown to work in Dutch, Danish and German cities – that incidentally also have much better health and societal fairness statistics to boot.

“Newcastle is promised more money continuing DfT’s ‘Cycle City Ambition’ initiative at a level of £10 per person per annum till 2018. The Dutch invest at least £20 pppa on capital infrastructure – so £10, that’s not bad money at all for starters. We’d like to know what council’s plans are and ask them to set up a dedicated delivery team from that pot, or the LSTF, to mitigate delays and provide focus.”

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Letter to Cllr Nick Forbes
Joint letter to the minister
Campaign policies
1. Sustainable Safety
2. Protected Space
Chair’s new year message