Newcastle Cycling Campaign

Short changing city’s future

Sally Brown nails it. Where’s the sense in all this? So much talking and reporting, so little sense or action. If one thing was continuous in 2014, it wasn’t Newcastle’s comfortable cycleways, but rather their absence. Newcastle’s cycleway construction is still lacking progress and, more worryingly for cycling safety, attention to detail. And that with a bigger backdrop of climate change and carbon emissions, public health endemics and squeezed economies. What must we do to finally see some ingenuity and enlightenment? Where is our pioneering spirit that Newcastle is so famous for? Letter to Cllr Nick Forbes So we have knuckled[…]

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Letter to the minister

[PDF] CampaignGroupsCCAGLetterToDfT_20141210 Mr Robert Goodwill MP Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Transport Department for Transport Great Minster House 33 Horseferry Road London SW1P 4DR 10th December 2014 Dear Mr Goodwill Feedback on the first phase of the Cycle City Ambition Grants We write to you as representatives of the local cycle campaign groups in the cities awarded the government’s “Cycle City Ambition Grants”. The Grants provide a valuable opportunity for these eight cities to begin the transformation into healthy, clean and economically vibrant places which are attractive to businesses and residential populations alike. While we welcome the grants and the[…]

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Gosforth meeting – a member’s letter

Alistair Ford, a member who lives in Gosforth, has written to the Gosforth Councillors following the Town Hall Meeting. Here is his robust and forward-thinking letter. To facilitate communication, we would be delighted to post the Councillors’ reply. Dear councillors, I am writing to you regarding the ‘Gosforth Town Meeting’ which I attended last week. I would like to congratulate you all on calling such a meeting, and providing an opportunity for the people of Gosforth to get together and discuss issues which are important to them. I thought it was excellent to hear a range of views and for[…]

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