Structuring the campaign

Under this year’s motto “Shifting Up A Gear” we started growing the Campaign as well as started looking at the growing demands of the Campaign. It’s fantastic to see us steadily expanding – after all, it means we have a louder and more concerted voice that can be translated into more influence. However this also means that we have to keep an eye on our organisational needs and make sure our structures support this as best as can.

The Committee meeting held on 4 November 2014 formally approved an aspirational Committee structure. We also said that we want to be an active committee – never a “talking shop” – with its members taking on roles and tasks. Here’s the approved structure. And rest assured, the key principle to ‘engage and educate policy- and decision-makers’ remains at the heart of the organisation.


New Committee members

We envisage that new Committee members could enter through the advisor role (bottom right) to get acquainted with colleagues and our ways of doing things.

Introducing the role of Membership Secretary

The important role to fill in 2014/15 will be that of Membership Secretary. It is a pivotal role on the Committee liaising with our general membership, coordinating Branch Chairs, regional branches and BUGs, liaising with campaign partners and Events Coordinators, and answering members’ (email) enquiries.

Introducing sub groups

There are four sub-groups (one of which covers the ‘entry-level’ Advisor). Some are more vital than others. As we want to see space for cycling and cycleways in Newcastle (and beyond), the Infrastructure group is a complete must do, and we really must expend some time and energy to grow it and get more people involved. Members of the group manage the traffic order consultation process, attend technical / road design meetings, put together consultation responses, liaise with engineers and planners, develop design principles and policies and update Cyclescape

Other roles / tasks

You do not have to join the Committee to help the Campaign. Here are a few pointers; we are currently looking for

  • webmaster / administrator (wordpress)
  • website editor
  • press officer
  • Newcastle branch chairs
  • graphics / photography
  • keeping the online event calendar updated
  • members meeting organiser
  • be a regular discussion leader on facebook
  • looking after our twitter account
  • road safety campaigner
  • police liaison
  • Bikes on Metro campaigner
  • transcribing speeches
  • …have an idea of your own? Excellent, get in touch!


We are growing. As a bunch of volunteers we have our work cut out, have to work smartly and use resources cleverly. The Campaign relies on your input. Could you take on a task or a role for the Campaign, perhaps even become a Committee Member? Get in touch!