Donate and Grow Your Tenner

Localgiving is doing is again! From 10:00am on 14 October 2014, all online donations up to £10 made to Newcastle Cycling Campaign will be doubled: and it will continue until the 31st January 2015 or when the pot runs out – whichever is first.

Our free membership and donations

To keep our administrative burden low, we keep our membership free – so for those who can, donating to the Campaign is always welcome and is arguably the easiest way to support our aims, objectives, projects and activities. We recommend an annual £3 donation per person.

So far this year, we had donations and gift aid amounting to £240. Thanks! Libor is our first member to set up a monthly direct debit. He says ” In my opinion the campaign has picked great momentum and we see things actually moving. But it doesn’t happen by itself and I really appreciate the time and effort of all campaign volunteers. Time is something I absolutely haven’t got at the moment so, at least, I try to contribute financially on regular basis to help to keep that momentum going”. Such regular income really helps us plan actions more readily and mobilise quickly if need be. Giving a tenner, setting up a regular direct debit order, or getting inspired by Claire’s fundraiser: last year, she set up a fundraising page when she ran the Cardiff half marathon – and raised about £230!

What would we be able to do with a cash boost?

Building our expertise and knowledge in planning and designing for cycling is a top priority. Our advise to Newcastle City Council is still brushed aside too easily on the basis that “we aren’t experts in the field”. Whilst this not quite true as we have relevant skills amongst our members, it also means we will need resources for training, conferences, workshops and consultancy to build our own expertise and profile as well as get expert opinion and verification of our own plans.

Documenting our journey, telling the Campaign story and visualising road design plans is also part of our plans: short videos, in particular, can be quite powerful in conveying our message. Whether it is about communicating the Space for Cycling message, liveable places, or engineering / planning drawings.

Last year, when LocalGiving ran their Grow Your Tenner, donations to the Campaign from individuals (Thanks!) amounted to an incredible £800 (including match-funding and gift aid ). We were planning to use the money to create a Councillors guide but the CtC which co-ordinates the Space for Cycling Campaign at national level did it for all of us; you can download the guide here. The funding, instead, went towards covering our running costs as national and local organisations started to work together under Space for Cycling banner: in short, train travel to national meetings turned out to be quite an expenditure over the last six months!

Half-year financial update

We had a super busy six months as Katja reported here and we looking forward to some reflective time in the run up to the AGM in the spring.

Our accounts show that we have spent about £800 to date – about £200 for our AGM, £150 to our website host for two years, and travel for Space for Cycling meetings already amounts to £250. The Space for Cycling ride will have cost the Campaign over £200 – and this doesn’t include promotional materials provided by the CtC (and funded by the Bike Hub run by the Bicycle Association) and Newcastle City Council.

Needless to say, we do not incur staff cost, as all our work is powered by volunteers.

We applied to the Cooperative Bank Customer Donation Funds earlier this year and we were successful! Thanks to their generous £1,000 grant, we needn’t touch our reserves. We will keep an eye on funding opportunities. If you spot anything that we – a constituted community group – could be eligible for, please let us know!

Last but not least, a big thank you to our corporate members for 2014-15
Apex Acoustic
Saddle Skeddaddle
Cycle Hub
Macks Solicitors