A cycleway in Bondy, France

Following Nantes, Armelle now sends a photo from Bondy – one of the northeastern suburbs of Paris, France. It is located about seven miles from the centre of Paris.

She says: “Bondy is an impoverished suburb which suffered the riots in the autumn of 2005, yet finds the funds and the will to develop cycle paths to the RER station and tram line (opened in 2006) connecting a string of disconnected towns. Here mobility – physical, geographical and social – is the key to any political approach.”

Whilst we cannot comment on the (completeness of the) local network… deriving a bigger picture from one picture is not possible… and to remain critical, the footway could possibly be wider and the cycleway kerb should perhaps be chamfered (forgiving) – however the photo nonetheless impressed us for its clarity of space and sheer presence the streetscape apportions to cycling. It really sends a strong visual message that cycling is important here, so much so that the municipality has afforded serious space to it.

Bondy, France, credit Armelle Tardiveau