Acorn Road consultation report

Re: Jesmond’s Acorn Road consultation report, Newcastle City Council – Newcycling, Newcastle’s cycling campaign’s view:

Katja Leyendecker, chair of, says: “We welcome the public’s and project board’s decision to reduce motor dominance on Acorn Road. It’s good for people, business, residents and customers, young and old. I am delighted to see that people rallied behind the far better option of the two that were on offer. Generally though, in the future, Acorn Road should be fully pedestrianised and that could have been an ‘option for change’ in the consultation, whereas option 2 should not have been included. There is no room for parking and driving as well as people mingling safely, getting together and having a good time on Acorn Road. London boroughs and our European cousins know that and have started designing their local shopping areas that way.”

However, much must be learnt from the consultation process:

For the Jesmond’s Acorn Road consultation the options were unambitious and, right from the start, the debate was limited to mediocrity. Again, forgetting to set vision (and within that rules of engagement and policy platform) resulted in badly framed and at times rather ill-mannered discussions against cyclists and cycling in general. This was not only totally unacceptable but entirely avoidable too if a stronger modal shift framework had been set, from the start. What’s now needed is a review, but also some more work by council to assess traffic flow, displacement and evaporation (modal shift potential).

Here’s the campaign’s general position [html]
Council consultation report (interim) [pdf 9Mb]

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