Pesky subject of pavement pedalling

City cycling advocates, Newcycling, are keen to find solutions to pavement cycling – one of the most grating subjects for improving cycling conditions: the misunderstanding over what cycle advocacy groups are campaigning for and how this can ultimately help other vulnerable road user groups.

Pavement cycling is one of the most distracting discussions when ‘cycling at large’ is debated. Newcycling is co-organiser of the Cycling & Society Symposium (C&S), held in Newcastle, 14-16 September. One researcher, Hannah Delaney from Bristol, promises to give “An insight into cyclist and pedestrian interactions on shared use paths”.

This is one reason why to attend events like the C&S: evidence is presented to deeply relevant questions that require a real and solid answer, which in turn will inform decision-makers and puts some sense into the public debate about Newcastle’s transport future. See the programme, below, for the other subjects and themes that will be presented and debated on Monday.

Katja Leyendecker, chair of Newcycling, explains “Most pavement cycling happens, of course, because the cycle infrastructure is neither here nor there – either very bad or even non-existent. What is needed is firstly, space for cycling and protected cycleways, and secondly within that better delineation and unequivocal space clarity. We want no-one, pedestrian, cyclist or driver – to be left in any doubt where the next step, or pedal stroke, is expected to take them or others.

“Using recognisable cycleway designs will bring predictability and familiarity: both huge determining factors for implementing sustainable road safety. It’s how the Dutch do it; and who are we to argue with the eminent experts on cycle infrastructure design and real road safety?

“The space for cycling must come from the carriageway not the pavement – that should also be stressed. We ask everyone to join us to make our whole transport system fit for the future. Please get in touch via and contribute to the debate.”

C&S Programme (pdf)
Delaney abstract (pdf)
Newcycling Position Statement (draft)
Sustainable road safety

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