Nantes has real cycle ambitions

Another Newcycling member goes abroad to see and experience how it’s done.

Armelle Tardiveau, Newcycling member says “I was so upset with the council’s Brandling Park proposal in July that I spent my August holidays photographing a great variety of safe cycling spaces in order to inspire engineers up here.

“The conclusion is this: No. 1 – safe cycling means spaces along or shared with pedestrians and protected from cars and drivers. No. 2 – cycling with young children is possible in bigger cities – so why not ours? – and No. 3 – safe cycling does not always mean sacrificing car parking.”

Katja, chair of Newcycling, says ” Armelle, who lives with her young family in Jesmond, has contacted us again. She previously reported back from Copenhagen, home of urbanist Jan Gehl. Now she’s sending inspiring stuff from Nantes in France telling the story and journey of the VeloCity 2015 host. Nantes is ranking in 5th place in the prestigious Copenhagnize index. It’s telling that no UK city finds a listing there.

“Armelle’s report should be an inspiration to the council. This comes after Claire’s self-financed infrastructure safari to Assen and after our gathering stories from many other cities last year. It all adds up. It adds to the evidence. We know that change can come quickly. Seville, for example, more than quadrupled cycling numbers in a matter of just a few years by building protected cycleways. It can be done. Newcastle needs to learn. Decision-makers must act on the evidence.”

Nantes photos
Brandling Park
Copenhagenize Index

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