Civic Cycle Ride – on the day

The event, held on 27 September 2014, kicked off with a speech from Katja

Today is about, you might have guessed it, Space for Cycling. But overall it is about saying a big thank you. A big thank-you to you for actually being here today – thanks for joining us – and a big thank-you to everyone who has written to their Councillor. But the biggest thank-you today actually goes to our Councillors. And I cannot stress enough that Newcastle with a sign up rate of two out of three Councillors to support Space for Cycling is absolutely magical. Newcastle therefore leads all the Core Cities in political support for Space for Cycling, and it’s something that we mustn’t forget. And that two of three is 67%, the next Core City would be Bristol at 26% and would be Manchester at 21%. So thank you very Newcastle, thank you and thanks to the Councillors as well. [applause] Yes, that’s worth clapping your hands for, definitely.

The question of course is how this political will and support is going to be translated into any sort of action. So we have got strong good will but how do we make this work? I think there is a lot more work to be done, getting together discussing how we are doing this in the future.

Of course, this is about looking at our city differently. And it’s about creating these AAA-rated cycleways – triple A: all ages and abilities, where everyone can cycle not just the fit and brave. We want to be seen as a modern city I think and we want to be inclusive in that way. We want to give choice to people in the way they are travelling. And cycling is currently the missing ingredient. Space for Cycling, of course, is the answer to that.

I won’t say much more. I think we all know which page we are sitting on. Thank you so much for turning up today.

I have someone very special standing next me here. It’s Christian Wolmar. He is the patron of the Newcastle Cycling Campaign. (By the way I am Katja form the Newcastle Cycling Campaign, just in case.) I would like to hand over this megaphone to Christian to give us a few thoughts and reflection on Newcastle and cycling, and probably as you said last year that cycling is not just about cycling. [applause]

See more by watching the video below.

  • BBC Look North filmed on the day. You can watch the news item here
  • Photos are coming into our flickr group

Civic Cycle Ride on tape, speeches and everything else – can you spot yourself?

Thanks @TeessideCyclist for taping!


  • Katja Leyendecker (welcome) at 00:00:32
  • Christian Wolmar (patron speech) at 00:03:00
  • Peter Macdonald (ride instructions) at 00:07:00
  • Apres-ride speeches starting at 00:51:00 featuring Jeannie, Cllr Forbes, Cllr Talbot, Katja, Christian and Peter
  • Thanks @revchips for taping!

    Civic Cycle Ride from Civic to High Level Bridge
    High level to Pilgrim Street old fire/ police station
    Pilgrim Street old fire/ police station to John Dobson Street
    John Dobson Street to Civic
    Speeches after ride