Quiz your candidates in Jesmond

For North Jesmond’s by-election on 28 August 2014, organisations have put together an event where you can quiz the candidates in advance about their plans, knowledge and interests.

Together with our Jesmond branch and our partners Living Streets Tyneside, Newcycling (Newcastle’s cycling campaign) is organising a pre-election hustings for the 14 August 2014 at Jesmond Library at 19:30 to provide a space for exchange and engagement between the electorate and the aspiring politicians. Given the focus of the organising groups, the hustings will have a distinct transport theme. All five candidates have confirmed attendance:

• Conservative: Duncan Crute
• Green Party: Shehla Naqvi
• Labour Party: Peter Smith
• Liberal Democrats: Gerry Keating
• Ukip: Daniel Thompson

The two hour event will be chaired by Neil Murphy, Beyond Green, who will preside over the agenda, and coordinate and facilitate a focussed debate.

Sally Watson, who is leading Newcycling’s Jesmond branch, says “This is a great opportunity to talk to our potential future politicians about the kind of place we’d like Jesmond to be. As a mum of two, I’d like one which is attractive enough to bring children and their families back into the area. Come along, be part of the discussion, and shape Jesmond’s transport future.”

Katja Leyendecker, Newcycling chair, “We believe transport touches on everyone’s life and there is much to talk about. Recent plans and projects in Jesmond – Acorn Road, Brandling Park and Tankerville Terrace to name a few – show that things are ‘moving on’ and the debate and questions should be about the direction, transition, transformation and vision for Jesmond’s transport future.”

Agenda https://newcycling.org/events/20140726/north-jesmond-hustings
Neil Murphy http://www.beyondgreen.co.uk/about/neil-murphy/

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