Motion proposal

(proposed text)

We, today, affirm that we fully support the principles of Space for Cycling and that

1. We will increase Newcastle’s cycle share from the current 2% of all travel to 15% by 2025 and to collate the data to measure progress towards that target

2. We will prepare a map of Newcastle’s cycle network covering the Newcastle City Council area showing current provision and required improvements using the five Dutch criteria of cohesion, directness, safety, comfort and attractiveness

3. We will identify where this network falls short of best practice in engineering design and city transport planning (UK and abroad)

4. We will prioritise Strategic Cycle Routes (cycle corridors) for early investment and construction, building the backbone of the cycle network

5. We will produce estimated costings for both the Strategic Cycle Routes and the general cycle network. Both the existing and proposed network should be included in all future planning documents

Further resources

  • Newcastle Cycling Manifesto [html], adopted by Newcastle City Council on 7 September 2011
  • Six building blocks of sustainable urban transport [html]
  • Planning a cycle network [pdf]
  • Principles of protection [pdf]
  • Newcastle’s ten year programme (CCAF) [html]
  • Newcastle’s ten year cycle plan 2022 [pdf]
  • NewcastleGateshead 1Plan [pdf], read excerpts including Newcastle City Council Climate Change Strategy and Action Plan: Part 1- Operations and Services 2008, City Centre Area Action Plan 2006, The Newcastle Climate Change Declaration 2010
  • Tyne & Wear Local Transport Plan [html], read excerpts