Our Patron

We are absolutely delighted to announce that Christian Wolmar has agreed to be our patron. You can read Christian’s inspiring patron statement here.

Christian Wolmar is one of Britain’s leading Transport commentators. His interests spread from railway, public transport, cycling to inter-modal transport. He uses his bicycle as his main mean of transport around London. He is one of the mayoral candidates for the 2016 elections and his vision for the capital as a more affordable, liveable and sustainable city certainly echoes our vision for Newcastle. And we couldn’t agree more that sustainable transport and cycling play an important role in it.

For those who wonder where the connection is, we met Christian 7 years ago in Newcastle and he inspired the creation of the Campaign. As we were wondering how to put cycling on the political agenda and change the landscape, he simply said “start a cycling campaign”. And the rest became history.

It’s great to know our patron really understands the need for national and local campaigning and supports campaigning actions, through his own involvement in campaigning and his own experience too. Here is to a bright future, of cycle campaigning, and beyond: a better fairer more inclusive city – in Christian’s own words:

“Urgency, therefore, is a keynote. For too long we have all put up with a transport system that is not geared towards providing for vulnerable users such as cyclists and pedestrians. Now we have an opportunity to change that and the Newcastle Cycling Campaign will be in the vanguard of change.”

Thank you, Christian. We will honour that trust and commitment; and we know with that comes responsibility too.