North Jesmond – hustings

Did you know that North Jesmond has a by-election on 28 August 2014? What better reason could there be to quiz the candidates about their plans, knowledge and interests!

You can now watch the event on video here

Together with our Jesmond branch and our partners Living Streets Tyneside we are organising a pre-election hustings for the 14 August 2014 to be held at Jesmond Library to provide a space for exchange and engagement between the electorate and the politicians. Given the focus of the organising groups, the hustings will have a distinct transport theme. We believe transport touches on everyone’s life and there is much to talk about. Recent plans and projects in Jesmond – Acorn Road, Brandling Park and Tankerville Terrace to name a few – show that things are ‘moving on’ and the debate and questions should be about the direction, transition, transformation and vision for Jesmond’s transport future.

Neil Murphy and Katja Leyendecker introductory notes, go to 01:00

Invites had been sent to five candidates, and all had confirmed attendance by 9 August 2014

• Conservative: Duncan Crute (intro pitch go to 04:10)
• Green Party: Shehla Naqvi (intro pitch go to 04:55)
• Labour Party: Peter Smith (intro pitch go to 06:00)
• Liberal Democrats: Gerry Keating (intro pitch go to 07:50)
• Ukip: Daniel Thompson (intro pitch go to 09:10)

Chaired by Neil Murphy


19:30 Start
Intro to event and organising groups (5-10 mins)
Candidates introduce themselves to electorate (20-25mins)

20:00 Questions
Q1 Council policy is to reduce the prevalence of car travel in the city; how would you support that aim in Jesmond?
Q2 How can it be made easier and more attractive for people to walk and cycle in Jesmond?
Q3 What role does Osborne Road play in Jesmond (local access road, or through road) and how would you outline its future?
Q4 What are the next steps for Acorn Road?
Each question: 2 mins candidates’ pitch (15 mins total)

21:00 Open floor / discussions

21:30 Close