Charting cycling on the political agenda

A map, see (1), has been released this week charting the political support for Space for Cycling in Great Britain. Newcastle has 36% of councillors in favour, and is runner-up following London, where 43% of councillors are supporting the national campaign.

Katja Leyendecker, chair of Newcycling, Newcastle’s local cycling campaign, says: “Newcastle, for once, is top of the league, and for a good reason! We at Newcycling are hard-liners, not one for compromising, and it would be a rare occasion we congratulate our councillors – but this must be one. Over a third of Newcastle councillors, see below, have supported the six Space for Cycling principles, see (2), to date – and by doing so, Newcastle is the leading city outside London, charging way ahead of other non-London councils.

“It feels good when you see a long campaign effort pay dividends. We see new names on the list too, telling us clearly that the message about designing cities for people and bicycles is popular and is spreading. A national campaign like Space for Cycling has a good element of healthy competition to it too. Perhaps Newcastle councillors now like to think about adopting Space for Cycling’s cycle-friendly design principles at full council – and be the first council to do so.”

“Political buy-in is the first step towards building cycleways as last year’s parliamentary report stated. But building cycleways still seems a very long way off. Turning words into action and concrete visible changes on the ground must be the next step, especially after the recent progress fiasco, see (3).”

1) Map
2) Newcycling joins national Space for Cycling
3) Progress assessment (incl. council reply)

Cllr David Faulkner (Liberal Democrat)
Cllr David Hardman (Labour)
Cllr Stephen Psallidas (Liberal Democrat)
Cllr Greg Stone (Liberal Democrat)
Cllr Gareth Kane (Liberal Democrat)
Cllr Peter Leggott (Liberal Democrat)
Cllr Nigel Todd (Labour)
Cllr Ged Bell (Labour)
Cllr Sharon Pattison (Labour)
Cllr George Pattison (Labour)
Cllr Christopher Bartlett (Labour)
Cllr David Stockdale (Labour)
Cllr Joanne Kingsland (Labour)
Cllr Felicity Mendelson (Labour)
Cllr Joyce McCarty (Labour)
Cllr Catherine Walker (Liberal Democrat)
Cllr Nick Cott (Liberal Democrat)
Cllr Marion Talbot (Labour)
Cllr Simon Bird (Labour)
Cllr Linda Hobson (Labour)
Cllr Stephen Powers (Labour)
Cllr Nick Forbes (Labour)
Cllr Rob Higgins (Labour)
Cllr Michael Burke (Labour)
Cllr Geoff O’Brien (Labour)
Cllr Anna Round (Labour)
Cllr Henry Gallagher (Liberal Democrat)
Cllr Anita Lower (Liberal Democrat)

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