Tour de Jesmond

A tour of historic Jesmond – by bike

Organised by the JRA and Jesmond Safe Cycling

Celebrities, seniors, Jesmondites all welcome – join us for the event of the year

Meet at Bandstand in Exhibition Park – safety assures by Community Police

Turn up on the day or per-register with Tony Waterston

And here is a short account of the ride by Claire Prospert, Newcastle Cycling Campaign:

Le Tour de Jesmond was a great success,a big thank you for those who took part – about thirty people turned up at the Exhibition park. Great mix of cyclists and bicycles, families, children , and older folks and ladies. Organised and led by Tony Waterston, a great advocate for a liveable Jesmond, the ride took us to places of interest, where we talked about the past, present and future.

The ride through the Town Moor was lovely and the cows very well behaved. Crossing the Great North Road was a bit tricky but the car drivers were equally well behaved. We then got to the West Jesmond Primary School and stopped there to chat about the road environment. Not surprisingly we heard concerns about the chaos during school runs and the unsafe environment for kids and parents who walk and cycle on Tankerville Terrace. Freddie, one of our youngest cyclists, was quite vocal about it! The DIY Street project delivered by Sustrans with funding from the City Cycling Ambition grant, is looking at improving access by bicycle following a recent 2-day trial outside the school. They installed a pop up protected bicycle path and it worked magic. There are plans to close off the south part of Brentwood Avenue, as a result of collaborative design planning with school kids and parents. The Jesmond Safe Cycling group and Newcycling are also pushing for a two-cycleway trial over 6 weeks on the south part of Tankerville Terrace.

Acorn road, our next stop, was just around the corner. It was a bit difficult to find space, away from the carriageway, on the narrow pavement, so we had to squeeze a bit. Tony reminded us of the long history of trading along this busy street. We learned that pubs were not allowed so no worries about potential nightlife noise for local residents.

We decided to avoid Osborne Avenue, definitely not a great cycling experience, rode along a parallel street, crossed over and briefly stopped at Manor House Road, another DIY street project. Please do get involved if you live nearby! We continued to ride East to Armstrong Bridge for a group photo. Fiona told us about the history of this beautiful iron constructed bridge connecting Jesmond and Heaton, now only used by pedestrians and cyclists.

The Tour ended at the Ice Cream van near the Pet Corner in Jesmond Dene, always a hit after some exercise! Let’s do it again and see the changes on the ground next time.

Last but not least, special thanks to Dave and Megan the Community Police Officers who did a brilliant job at keeping us together when crossing busy roads.

Aknowledgement to David Whinham for the excellent photos: