Space4Cycling campaigners conference / workshop day (national)

The workshop material from the day is found here [html]
Katja’s workshop was mythbusting / campaigning styles. You can read it here [pdf]

The day will include workshops on:

– Protected space and decent junctions
– Press and social media skills
– Removing through traffic
– How Councils work – and how to get them to listen
– Liveable Town Centres
– Vision and Visualisations
– 20mph and lower speed limits
– Mythbusting and Rebuttals

Plus Plenary sessions from experienced cycle campaigners from around the country.

Reason to come to the Conference:
– to find out how you can use the Space for Cycling campaign to improve cycling in your area
– to meet, learn and share ideas from experienced campaigners
– to pick up an ‘Activist Pack’ of Space for Cycling printed campaign and publicity materials

Timetable attached, below.

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Get in touch with us if you are interested in attending the conference on behalf of the Newcastle Cycling Campaign. We can fund a couple of train tickets from Newcastle. First come first served.


Katja workshop

Space4Cycling campaigners’ conference
Leeds, 3 May 2014

Facilitator: Katja Leyendecker


Whilst we all want space for cycling, our cities and towns might take some time to get the overhaul we desire. In the meantime, how can you be an ambassador for cycling and what kind of cycling do we need to talk about, and how?

On the day We explored, by way of a conversation, what it means being a cyclist and how to interact with the ‘outside’. We discussed what the word cyclist means and ound that it means many different things to many people. So much so, me of us don’t call themselves cyclist. We are varied, and a stratified group.

Ultimately, we are trying to reach out to a wider audience. It’s easy to misread non-cyclists, and possibly even take things personally or overreact. It’s important, we discovered, to be aware of our minority out-group status when connecting with the public, make allowances but still be able to confidently state our case. It’s a challenging job we have as cycle campaigners. We could perhaps learn from other minority group campaigns.

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