National Big Ride held in Newcastle

On Saturday thousands of people will take to the streets calling for Space for Cycling in London, Leeds, Newcastle, Manchester and Sheffield. On May 17th at 10:00 cyclists are meeting at Newcastle’s Haymarket to join the national Space for Cycling Big Ride, held in many cities across the country, to ask for more space for cycling in our cities.

This is part of the nationally coordinated ‘Space for Cycling’ campaign where everyone is asked to call on their Councillors to create a better transport system, one that includes cycling, and obtain the funding to make this a reality. Everyone is welcome to take part at the ride. Families and councillors will be joining the ride. There will be no road closures or marshals. The police have been kept informed.

Shannon Robalino, cycling in Newcastle and Gateshead, says: “I want protected space for cycling so that my friends and I don’t feel intimated when cycling and we can enjoy ourselves instead of rushing from A to B. It’s safer for us, motorists and pedestrians.”

Claire Prospert, campaign coordinator, says: “I hope that we will get a good turnout on Saturday morning for our Big Ride; it is about sending a positive message, a message about people and liveable cities. Cycling is very much part of it and the future of urban mobility.”

Roderick Joyce, Newcycling Committee member, says: “I’d wish for more and better space for cycling so we can have a city we can all be proud of.”

Scott Dawson, Newcycling Committee member, says: “I want to see Newcastle become a city where everybody feels it is safe to cycle. It is up to councillors to make this a reality by making the provision of space for cycling a priority.”

Katja Leyendecker, chair, says “This is a fun event with a serious message. You ask someone why they don’t cycle and it’s one answer coming back: lack of safe cycle space. We are asking everyone to join us on Saturday to make our concerns and wishes visible to the city bosses. Cheer us along when you see us riding past!”

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Roderick Joyce’s Space for Cycling message:

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Notes to Editors

History of Space for Cycling: London Cycling Campaign created Space for Cycling, which in London is focussing on lobbying candidates in this year’s local elections. CTC, the national cycling charity, is taking LCC’s London-born campaign nationwide, and is coordinating the national Space for Cycling campaign to influence councillors in cities and towns across the country. The campaign was part funded by the Bicycle Association’s Bike Hub levy fund.
The six themes of the campaign are:
• protected space on main roads
• lower speed limits, 20 mph on urban roads, 40 mph on rural
• removing through motor traffic
• cycle routes through green spaces
• safe routes to schools
• cycle friendly town centres