Space for Cycling

We are part of the nationwide Space for Cycling campaign backed by Jon Snow. Space for Cycling calls on councillors across the country to make streets safe for anyone to cycle, people of all ages and abilities, anywhere.

Mapping political support

Local. Live in Newcastle? Here’s our Newcastle ward map illustrating the level of political support for Space for Cycling. Nationally, check the CTC’s map to find out which Councillors support Space for Cycling and how your council is shaping up nationally.

What is Space for Cycling?

Jon Snow, the Channel 4 News broadcaster and CTC President, has backed the campaign in an online video (watch below) and said: “Space for Cycling means creating safe conditions on major roads and junctions, lowering speed limits and reducing through motor traffic on residential streets. Some councils are now showing real enthusiasm for action to make cycling a safe and normal activity which everyone can benefit from. We now need a really strong show of public support for the long-term planning and funding that this will require.”

The national Space for Cycling campaign aims to create the conditions where anyone – of all ages and all abilities – can cycle, anywhere, safely – coordinated by CTC in conjunction with local cycle campaign groups, building on a London-focussed initiative run by the London Cycling Campaign. It is supported by cycle industry funding from the Bicycle Association’s ‘Bike Hub’ levy and by private donations.

The six Space for Cycling themes sit in two local authority / highway authority categories:

Better traffic engineering : protected space on main roads


Better town and traffic planning : lower speed limits • removing through motor traffic • cycle routes through green spaces • safe routes to schools • cycle friendly town centres


Bike rides

1st Big Ride: We held a Big Ride on 17 May. The “fun event with a serious message” was a great success: Big Toon Ride on the day.

2nd Big Ride: So much so, that we planned a second Space for Cycling ride at the time of the party conferences in autumn 2014. You can have a look at what happened on the Civic Cycle Ride on the day.

3rd Big Ride: And we held a third ride on 25 April 2015. Learn more on the official ride cancellation and what happened on the day

In spring 2014, we had done a bit of political information gathering. Read the 2014 political party statements here