Newcastle City Futures – SAPL

A series of events organised by the Newcastle University’s School of Architecture, Planning and Landscape (SAPL). Katja Leyendecker will speak about city-wide planning methods for sustainable transport.

Please see attached (below) the finalised events leaflet for the Newcastle City Futures: People, Place, Change exhibition and events series.

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Here’s David Marshall’s aka @spatialsyndave account of the event:

The Sustainable Transport event was presented by Katja Leyendecker, chair of Newcastle Cycling Campaign and a Chartered Engineer in her day job. Katja’s background in engineering formed the basis of her presentation with some exploration of the ethical values of all environmental professionals and how this could be applied in relation to environmental sustainability. As a German born engineer working in the UK she was also able to give some disarmingly honest opinions on the ‘quirks’ of the way we operate here. For me the revelation was a slide entitles the ‘six building blocks of sustainable transport’ which started as six potential solutions. As the transition was applied to each block to show us who was responsible, it became obvious that the biggest barriers related to ‘silo working’!

Looking back on the programme as a whole, I found it fascinating the way in which interest in looking back could be harnessed to facilitate a debate around the future. I was especially fascinated with the ‘planning for real’ exercises with children and young people who have the most to benefit in the future. I also found myself asking why this couldn’t be a permanent exhibition and the Mackem in me asking why can’t we have one in Sunderland?
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