Management Committee Meeting

Following the excellent, energetic and energising AGM, we will discuss opening up the Committee meetings to members – the frequency, locations and format of the previously held Quarterly Members Meetings may change. Check the events section for public members meetings.

This time we are joined by Cllr Ged Bell (cabinet) and Cllr Marion Talbot (cycle champion) to discuss the outlook for cycling improvements in Newcastle, and what can be expected to happen in 2014/15. There is a bit of ground to break and gaps to bridge. We are welcoming Ged’s and Marion’s offer to meet the Committee as there is some catching up to do: over the last few months, we’ve written to Ged and Marion on various occasions to express our worries and concerns, including lack of clarity for the Cycle City Ambition programme (progress, governance and spend), and council’s approach to encourage people to cycle without coupling it to a clear programme of road improvements, hence running the risk of repeating the London scenario.

This is also the first meeting of the Campaign Management Committee after our AGM2014. We will appoint the Chair, Secretary and Treasurer, in line with our Constitution.