Gosforth High Street needs protected space for cycling

Newcycling clearly comes out in support of option 2 for Gosforth High Street for its innovation, continuity and safety.

Katja Leyendecker, chairwoman, says “There’s been much hype and also misinformation out there, including the council’s own communications. Option 1 offers nothing for cycling, it’s the same-old token effort that’s been painted on Newcastle’s roads for decades. And doing nothing is not an option – for Gosforth High Street to improve it must improve for people. Cyclists, and pedestrians for that matter, make excellent and reliable customers, usually outspending car users. We are clear. We support Newcastle council on option 2 – the two-way cycleway. It’s a quite excellent proposal they have laid in front of us; inspired design is suddenly within Newcastle’s reach. Only 700 metres long, but we have to start somewhere.

“Option 2, though it could be even better and some detail must still be discussed, is what cyclists want; and what people not yet cycling like. Council have strong transport policies and principles to follow. There is the long-pursued but yet unsuccessful council plan to bring about modal shift – in plain English that means, getting people out of their cars. That only happens when street conditions are right and good enough. People are enticed out of cars by good alternatives like continuous and wide cycleways, protected and shielded from motor traffic. The two-way cycle way of option 2 is one that would ‘create’ new cyclists by its sheer ease of use, attractiveness and feeling of safety.”

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