Six building blocks

A good city is designed around people, not cars. To design a decent and fair city certain things will have to be considered, actioned and implemented. Ultimately space is limited, and the discussion should be about how this finite space is carved up.

Activities that create a better healthier lifestyle such as walking and cycling must be allocated the fair space that they deserve. Activities that suck money out of local economies such as heavy car use for short distances must be discouraged by devoting less space to it. All in all, this makes a better city for everyone – whether you are about to travel it on foot, on bike or by car. We have charted the journey and listed the six building blocks that are required to make a transport transition possible, and bring about modal shift for a thriving local economy, happier healthier residents and visitors, and a better cleaner city environment.

Part 1 Road diet – space for cycling

space4cycling 01Keywords: citywide plan is needed, cabinet and city councillors, policy implications, car parking policy, city centre bus route rationalisation, question the doctrine of traffic flow (modelling), transport transition debate, car restraint

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Part 2 Space definition

space4cycling 02Keywords: clearer space will remove conflict, road classification, all roads over 30mph need cycle-specific infrastructure

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Part 3 Neighbourhood zones

space4cycling 03Keywords: creating ownership, removing rat-runs, install gateways and necking-down corners, cycle contraflows, walking and cycling permeability, calmer streets, streets for people

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Part 4 Safe junctions and crossings

space4cycling 04Keywords: prioritise walking and cycling, many different concepts, Newcastle should innovate

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Part 5 Traffic speed management

space4cycling 05Keywords: Newcastle’s 20mph conversion is incomplete, community speed surveys, speed reduction is not always enough, cycle infrastructure may still be required

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Part 6 Informative initiatives

space4cycling 06Keywords: promote cycle routes, talking positively about walking and cycling, discouraging car use

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