Great North Road plans – in detail

We reported to you about council plans for Great North Road. The same principles still stand, you can read about it here. We had asked council for a meeting and clarification and there was no interest expressed by them to engage with us. This meant, after a period of waiting for a sign of cooperation, that we felt obliged to object to the scheme as it stands despite some good elements of it.

Let’s remind ourselves again, that Great North Road is part of council’s plan to create seven Strategic Cycle Routes, which we took to mean that design on these routes will be cycle-friendly, of high quality. There are also a number of schools on Great North Road. Parents and school kids are trying to access by other means than the car, but find it difficult on such a 1960 throwback, that is the Great North Road.

Well, we had a really hard look at the council plans at our last committee meeting, and here’s what we think in more detail. To see the plans for the locations on the Great North Road, our verdict and to leave your own comment, please click on the links below.

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