youReport – and the winner is

At the start of the holiday season we asked you to snap away. And you did! And with amazing energy too. Media picked up our press release too. Chronicle, Journal, JesmondLocal, and Cycling Weekly – all had a mention of our youReport initiative. So, end of the season, these are the reports we received from you (listed in alphabetical order)

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Amsterdam : where bike is king
Assen : bicycle priority
Assen, Drenthe : Hembrow holidays
Barcelona : pleasing pedal
Berlin : Cycling city
Bilbao : culture and cycling
Brunswick / Braunschweig : contraflows
Bremen : Learning and teaching
Budapest : cool bike culture
California : cycling culture
Copenhagen / København : where cycling space is everywhere!
Dublin : Making Tracks
Dublin (again) : seasonal greeting from the stylish cycle path
Enschede : pedal in paradise
Estepona : blue sea and blue tracks
Freiburg : wide and ever-widening cycle lanes
Hanover / Hannover : cycle and walking spaces
Helsinki : cycling provision in new developments
Kiel : A Baltic biking bliss
Lake Balaton : cycling and tourism
London : Royal College Street
Montreal : Montreal : North America’s best bicycling
North German cities : cycle access
Paris : mon dieu, doing pretty well
Rotterdam : good cycling on River Rotte’s dam
Seville / Sevilla : The fourth best cycle city in the world!
Sydney : Going Dutch down under
Taiwan : keen to build tracks on back of leisure success
Tenerife : spot-checking a two-way track
Vancouver : reclaiming space for people
Vienna / Wien : VeloCity 2013

What have we learned about cycling in other cities? It was good exercise as it will help us help Newcastle find its feet. Sensible cycling infrastructure is still few and far between (no pun intended but yea, it is patchy is it not?). Looking at other cities in the world, some are fully-fledged ready-to-go for cycling, some are making tracks, some are (some fast, some slowly) emerging… it is abundantly clear that both political will (mayors, cycling champions and knowledgeable and well-known spokespeople) and advocacy effort to educate, inform and push, push, push (Copenhagnize Index even scores for that category) are essential. Cities that have made it up the ladder and the ones that have set aside space for cycling, designed out the conflict between drivers and cyclists, so that cycling becomes irresistible and available for everyone. And people flock. Take to it like ducks to water. Then there are “little” things like cycle-friendly traffic light settings, contraflows, pervasive walking and cycling permeability.

Our favourite photos must be from Dublin, our neighbours, where some serious roadspace re-purposing took place on Herbert Place with strong separation kerbing as well – have a look at the before and after comparison. Something we want to see in Newcastle, for example on Great North Road and John Dobson Street (visualisations at end of article)

Dublin : Herbert Place

What else have we learned? Well, when you ask people to get involved they will! Thanks for everyone who got snapping and penning. Special thanks go to

    Adrian, Beatrix and Richard, Brian, Bruce, Carole, Claire, Davva, Farah, Gav, George, James, Julie, Kim, Katja, Mark, Mima, Nigel, Pen, Peter, Russell, Scott, Shannon, Shaun, Tony, Yi-Li

You are brill. And thanks everyone who has been following the series, reading and commenting.

Great North Road. Maybe the £1.3m Cycle Safety Fund could be used to create some cycle space so that kids can safely cycle to the various schools on Great North North? A kerb-protected cycle route on both sides of the busy aggressive 30mph road (even 40mph north of Broadway!) would do just that.
More here
Broadway Gosforth

John Dobson Street – Cyclists have complained about a lack of North-South permeability of the city centre for years. The debate on the Northumberland Street bike ban is rumbling on and Percy Street having recently been turned into a highway – that viably leaves John Dobson Street for a cycle-friendly makeover. Could a two-way cycle track – common feature in the Netherlands and Denmark – be build there?
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JDS - two-way cycle track