Six space4cycling topics – making it happen

Thanks again for an excellent youReport turnout… you sharing your bike infrastructure images and imagination with us – showing real cycling culture. In the coming weeks we’ll report back to you under the heading space4cycling. By doing so joining up with the London Cycling Campaign’s initiative. It’s a successful and positive message that attracts us to it, and it’s spreading.

We’ll discuss six different topics, each one a subject area where change has to happen, a transformation in thinking, design approach, space utilisation which will broaden our imagination and further set the vision for our city. The six topics are (1) road space re-allocation away from the motor vehicle, (2) clearer road classification and space clarity, (3) traffic calming and routing measures, (4) safe and convenient crossings and junctions, (5) speed reduction and (6) information campaigns.

It’s great so see the discussion moving on in Newcastle towards debating and imagining real, physical changes to our roads to make our city more liveable, more welcoming to people walking, cycling and using public transport. Even if these debates are just ideas and proposals as yet, one day they’ll become reality. They are firmly based on what other cities have done, they are tried and tested recipes for success.

So look out for these posts over the coming weeks. We’ll switch on comments, so you can discuss each post. Maybe comment about the area you live or your commute, or anywhere else where something could be improved.

Part 1 – 21 December 2013 – road space re-allocation away from the motor vehicle
Part 2 – 27 December 2013 – clearer road classification and space clarity
Part 3 – 03 January 2014 – traffic calming and routing measures
Part 4 – 10 January 2014 – safe and convenient crossings and junctions
Part 5 – 17 January 2014 – speed reduction
Part 6 – 24 January 2014 – information campaigns

Please participate, as this (apart from lobbying the decision-makers, of course) is what the campaign is all about!

Get involved.

Here is a 1-hour video talking about contested space in cities, discussing why things have to change and how:

And the 11-minute clip describing the concept of complete streets of better and more efficient space use:

Here is explained how cycling fits into the big picture in just three minutes: