News clippings – ‘Respect Ride’ to be held in memory of Gateshead cyclist killed in double decker bus collision (8 December 2013)

Katja Leyendecker, of Newcastle Cycling Campaign, said: “It is a tragedy that a young man has been killed.

“The A167 is a really, really bad road for cyclists.

“Basically; everything is wrong with it. There are partial cycle lanes in some sections, some sections with bus lanes for cyclists to share, and on other sections there is no provision at all.

“Traffic moves quickly and some drivers can be aggressive. It does not feel safe.

“The section where he has been killed, near the five bridges roundabout, is very, very difficult for cyclists to negotiate.

“It is a place we are calling for better provision. Every road in Newcastle and Gateshead that has a speed limit of 30mph and above should have a cycle specific space on it.”