Yi-Li reports from Taiwan

Taiwan: keen to build tracks on back of leisure success

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A Rhode Island university friend of Katja’s recalls this about her native Taiwan:

I used to ride the bike to go to school during junior High school for 3 years. At the time, it was very common for the Taiwanese to ride the bike to go to school or to work. Nowadays bikes are not used anymore as a main traffic tool for transportation. Instead of the bike, people use mainly motorcycles or drive the car.

But, recently (actually since a couple of years ago) biking turns to be a hit activity for Taiwanese, which means it is now trendy to buy a better-off or even very expensive bike in order to go biking at the weekend. Therefore, there are a lots of cycling groups which participate in this hobby and activity.

And the government has even started to build more and more bike paths and tries to provide bikers friendly environment!

I think we can call this a real improvement in this case.

taiwan - retail and manufacturing opportunity
Photo 1 – positive cycle advert (received from Paul with thanks) – Taiwan clearly seeing cycling and bicycles as a growth market for manufacturing and retail