Shaun reports from Rotterdam

Rotterdam : good cycling on River Rotte’s dam

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In the Dutch context Rotterdam does not fare as the best for cycling by a long stretch of the imagination – however one country’s “bottom”, can be another’s aspiration and inspiration. Here’s Shaun McDonald who Katja met in Edinburgh in September at an impromptu campaigners gathering. Shaun also tweets; he is @smsm1.

Shaun explains: On my recent cycle trip from Dunkirk to the Hook of Holland… on entering Rotterdam, I have come across a few roundabouts where there was two-way cycling on parts of the roundabout where there is a high flow of cyclists, also the fact there is a dual carriageway on some arms means that there is a two way cycle track on both sides of the road, with a separate pavement for pedestrians, thus minimal conflict between pedestrians and cyclists (photo 1). And near the centre of Rotterdam they have high quality cycle tracks avoiding bus stops, thus preventing conflict with cyclists. The bus stops have live information about bus departures (photo 2).

Photo 1 – Two directions on a roundabout for cycling

Photo 2 – Cycle path behind the bus stop

I came across some other interesting things. For example signs explaining how to use a roundabout as a cyclists in Belgium:

Photo 3 – the roundabout…

Photo 4 – …and how to!

The border between The Netherlands and Belgium is rather interesting at a few points. Where on the Dutch side the farm access track has a separate smooth cycle track (photo 5), the Belgian side cyclists are expected to share with the handful of motor vehicles per day. Or where there was a change from a slightly broken asphalt surface on the Belgian side, and paving stones on the Dutch side (photo 6).

2013-09-18 16.10.56-2
Photo 5 – spot the border

2013-09-18 16.39.41
Photo 6 – spot the border part II