Scott reports from Amsterdam

Amsterdam: where bike is king

This story is part of our youReport series.

We proudly say we are looking to learn from cities like Copenhagen and Amsterdam. The Copenhagenize Index (humbly) lists Amsterdam as the best cycle city in the world, with Copenhagen (youReport here) a close second. Copenhagenize says “The city continues to do well in nearly every category. Amsterdam does almost everything right. What the city lacks in a uniform infrastructure design it more than makes up for with its impressive saturation of bicycle traffic in the compact city centre”. This is what Amsterdam looks and feels like from a British perspective:

Scott: While I could go on for pages about all the wonderful infrastructure in Amsterdam, I won’t. Other posts have shown some of great infrastructure that is provided in the Netherlands, and if you want to read much more about David Hembrow’s blog if full of great examples about what makes the Netherlands the world leader in cycle provision.

What I will do is just provide a few pictures to show that in Amsterdam you always feel welcome when you are on a bike.

Amsterdam IMAGE1_sml
Photo 1 – A major cycle route passes through Vondelpark, people enjoy cycling here

Amsterdam IMAGE2_sml
Photo 2 – In Amsterdam they really do want people to cycle to the train station

Amsterdam IMAGE3_sml
Photo 3 – Cycle routes are easy to follow and have priority over side roads (yes that is me posing in the picture and enjoying a nice calm cycle ride)

Amsterdam IMAGE4_sml
Photo 4 – Cycle parking like this is on almost every street

Amsterdam IMAGE5_sml
Photo 5 – A cycle path and pedestrian path add allow people to get across canals without long detours, the bike users have more space (and many more people cross the bridge by bike too)

Amsterdam IMAGE6_sml
Photo 6 – Bikes are generally kept separated from public transport like buses and trams, even in the heart of the city

Amsterdam IMAGE7_sml
Photo 7 – A busy street for people cycling, hundreds of people on bikes passed while I enjoyed a drink here, in the same time I only saw a few cars

I loved cycling in Amsterdam, it really did open my eyes to one of the most important things that are needed for cycling to flourish, to make people feel safe, comfortable and welcome when cycling.