Northumbria University – design project

Katja spoke to Northumbria University design students who are working on a cycling-related project this semester.

Anthony Forsyth, the course organiser, has worked for Copenhagen in Denmark and Malmö in Sweden, and he talked with incredible knowledge and lucidity talked about cycling and just how different Newcastle is to these cities. We’ll keep an eye on how the projects develop. And maybe even be invited to judge the finals.

On Yer Bike investigation topics
1. How can we encourage more women to cycle in the city
2. How can we ‘re-invent’ the city bike to be more fit-for-purpose?
3. How can we improve access to bikes?
4. Identify and document Geordie cycle chic. What can we learn for cycle clothing and accessories?
5. How can we improve cycling for older people?
6. How can bikes be used as an affordable way to transport things – for personal or business use? You may consider the type of bike and/or service.
7. Why don’t you (student) cycle more? Investigate opportunities to increase cycling as a means of transport for students in Newcastle.
8. ‘Them and us’ – how do we create better understanding and consideration between motorists and cyclists?
9. Securing your bike – at home.
10. Who would use an electric bike? Identify how to broaden the appeal and use of electric bikes.
11. Infrastructure for experience. How can we develop infrastructure – cycle paths, racks and other cyclist-friendly facilities – that improves the experience of cycling in the city.
12. How can we motivate people to use their bike as leisure (not sport) and transport in the city?