Jesmond Library : Building a transport system for a sustainable society

Speaker: Katja Leyendecker

Katja is an engineer and chair of the Newcastle Cycling Campaign. Her talk will cover how we can develop sustainable transport within Jesmond so that everyone, young and old, can get around more easily.

Entry fee £3

About Jesmond Library Talks series: Jesmond in 2020: how it might change and how this could benefit us all

A series of talks organized by Transition Jesmond to look at the future of Jesmond in the light of current trends in energy, transport and the environment. To ensure maximum benefit, attendance at the whole series is encouraged though you may attend single sessions.
The talks will be interactive and will offer an optimistic view of how Jesmond can change for the better – if we want it to.

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Katja will talk about the importance of holistic transport and landuse planning, the concept of traffic evaporation and draw on experience gained elsewhere such as the European Commission report Reclaiming streets for people [pdf] and Newcastle’s twin town Groningen – emphasising the importance of political leadership as well as grassroots campaigns.

Groningen: The World’s Cycling City from Streetfilms on Vimeo.