George reports from Dublin (again)

Dublin : seasonal greeting from the stylish cycle path

This story is part of our youReport series.

George’s seasonal Dublin photo reminded us of Carole’s report on Spain’s Bilbao quayside cycleway and also of Julie’s Barcelona track with trees. Or City of Paris’ impressive Seine re-purposing “We needed to step up the pace. It was important to give pedestrians and cyclists better access to the public space” from BBC.

George again: I had the pleasure of another biz trip to Dublin this week; picture below is from their equivalent of the Quayside, just east of the IFSC (financial district). Dublin Quays a tree-lined cycling boulevard with coloured lights. On Newcastle’s quayside we don’t even get a white line to guide cyclists and pedestrians. And the Newcastle Quayside is part of NCN72 & the North Sea cycle route not to forget.

I was in a couple of Dublin’s business parks for the first time and was impressed with how well parking and cycling had been given a fair share of the suburban roads. I reiterate… if only our local planners would take a look and learn, I guess that would hurt their pride. I may be back in Ireland in a couple of weeks, if so I’ll keep the pictures coming [yes please, ed.].

Photo 1 – comfy quayside cycling

Back in Newcastle, if there is a development that wants to put people, eating and drinking, on the Quayside… fine, but would they put merry people on the A69? Not without a suitable diversion or protection. [There are plans by the retailers consortium NE1 to allow more cafe and pub space on the Quayside (photo2). And where will cyclists go? Yes, Paris has managed to shut down quayside motorway – so surely can we.]

Renew - NE1 brochure
Photo 2 – NE1 proposal [Image thanks to NE1’s Renew brochure]