Gav reports from Tenerife

Tenerife : spot-checking a two-way track

This story is part of our youReport series.

Gav posted this photo on our facebook group a couple of months ago, and why would we not share it with you!

In Tenerife not to take to the bicycle, there certainly seems little excuse on weather grounds… we learn “there is one very significant reason why Tenerife is a great winter cycling destination: Mount Teide itself. Although not the highest road in Europe, it is the longest continuous ascent as you have the opportunity to start the climb from sea level” as Cycling Weekly reports.

So… probably apart from spots of everyday cycling goodness (photo below), Tenerife remains a (training and/or holidaying) location for the sporty types to enjoy – road riding the eternal sunshine.

Tenerife by Gav
Photo 1 – two-way cycleway (thanks to Gav)