Campaign urges city chiefs to show support and learn from abroad

After Newcycling’s warning to council bosses, the group now offers solutions too. The Dutch Embassy and its partners including Newcycling invite decision-makers and practitioners to a one-day conference of learning from the Dutch, chaired by Christian Wolmar.

An excellent learning opportunity has been organised for city bosses in the form of the ‘Love Cycling Go Dutch’ conference. Cllr Nick Forbes has confirmed his attendance. However the general sign-up rate by Newcastle Councillors is low. The Cabinet functions of Children Services (Cllr Kingsland), Investment and Development including Transport (Cllr Bell), Communities (Cllr Stephenson), Adult Services (Cllr Dunn) have not confirmed attendance. Cllr Kingsland emailed a Newcycling member “Unfortunately I have a day job as well as my council duties and I have to be at work that day. I hope it goes well.” The conference has been pulled together collaboratively including a huge effort by volunteers.

Part of the conference, which is held on 5 November, is a design workshop where Dutch and local council engineers get together to discuss solutions to a real-life location. Planning to work through the night, the result will be presented by the Dutch Cycling Embassy engineers at the conference the following day.

4 Nov Design workshop
5 Nov Love Cycling Go Dutch programme

Katja, chairwoman of Newcycling, and conference panellist, says “We urge city chiefs to grasp this rare opportunity and attend the ‘Love Cycling Go Dutch’ conference to see – with their own eyes – how it’s done. Delegates can learn, be inspired, and take part at the workshops and ask questions at the panel discussion. The offer is there to show real commitment to Newcastle’s stated ambition to become a Cycle City.”

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