Acorn Street improvement group

The agenda will be as follows:

1. Update on progress with improving the corners – Hugh
2. Cycle parking – Tony
3. Update on particle measurements – Margaret (20 mins)
4. DIY streets and Acorn Road – Kieran (30 mins)
5. Discussion: future of the group – Tony

There are new developments to report in relation the the Cycle City Ambition fund which will benefit Jesmond and specifically Acorn Road (particularly the Osborne Road end). Kieran will be leading the DIY streets approach from Sustrans, the sustainable transport charity. There is funding from the Cycle City Ambition Fund to apply this approach to the Osborne Road junction of Acorn Road. We also report about the results of the air quality study and also what progress is being made to develop the corners.

Contact if you have any questions about this meeting.