Make Space for Cycling

Make Space for Cycling – and for the tweeters under us #space4cycling – is the loud and clear voice that reaches us from London. So, we have joined in!

What does it mean? It’s a slogan the London Cycling Campaign had coined particularly for protest rides in response to unacceptable road conditions and the Get Britain Cycling debate in the House of Commons on 2 September. Space for Cycling calls for dedicated space for cycling on main roads, including segregated tracks and cyclist-specific traffic lights and reduced risk to cycling on minor roads, such as removing through motor traffic and 20mph speed limits, and safe cycling and walking routes for all children between home and school. Read more about the history here. LCC realised that Space for Cycling captured people’s imagination, Londoners and beyond. And LCC are happy to make it big, far and wide! It’s going nationwide.

For starters, why not order your FREE bike plate and show your support? And sign the petition that Manchester set up.

Maybe Newcastle will have their own protest ride next year. You can read more about the mass protests that took place in London here or have a look at the flick pool here. What do you want to happen? What does Space for Cycling mean to you? Let us know.

Update 5 October 2013: there now is a dedicated website that will be developed as Space For Cycling grows.

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