Carole reports from Bilbao

Bilbao : culture and cycling

This story is part of our youReport series.

In August Carole wrote about cycling conditions in Estepona in the South of Spain and she said “While Spain is in recession as other European countries, I was impressed to see their investment in transport infrastructure catering for cyclists.” Well, this seems true for Bilbao, in the North of Spain, as well.

Carole reports again: In Bilbao, it’s good to see that in the modern area surrounding the Guggenheim museum, facilities exist for cyclists who have their own space, clearly separated from the road and footpath facilitating access for people on bike. It is a cosmopolitan city with world class cultural facilities and an up and coming riverside so space is contested and yet, the authorities recognised the value of providing for cyclists. In Northern Spain I was pleased to see that many hotels offered safe and accessible cycle storage within their premises, a clear sign of an emerging cycling culture too.

Bilbao Guggeheim
Photo 1 – two-way cycleway

Photo 2 – two-way cycleway (close-up)