Adrian reports from Copenhagen

Copenhagen : where cycling space is everywhere!

This story is part of our youReport series.

We all say we are looking to learn from cities like Copenhagen and Amsterdam (to be reported on too, later, patience). The Copenhagenize Index (humbly) lists Copenhagen as second best cycle city in the world, after Amsterdam. The city has some serious infrastructure link projects underway, such as walk/cycle bridges, but it is the omnipresence of cycle space that is so impressive to the outsider. Adrian visits Copenhagen on regular business trips and sent us this.

Adrian: “I am there often, but it still impresses me how much Copenhagen has centered itself, and its space, around the bicycle. As a consequence, everyone is cycling. The result really is a bicycle culture – it’s normal, mainstream to use your bike. There are all sort of forms of bike infrastructure, as can be seen in the photos below. There seems to be a steady provision for cyclists, and I think that is reason for people taking to their bicycles.”

“There is a principle of continuity and keeping cycling away, and safe, from motor traffic. As a regular user of Great North Road – maybe we could adopt those principles there too.”

Photo 1 – bike infrastructure as far as the eye can see RHS: bicycle turning lanes LHS: a on-road cycle space (ed. parking protected lane possibly)

Photo 2 – amazing how many people cycle, example: stacked up waiting at lights

Photo 3 – both on-road and off-road cycling infrastructure