Nigel reports from Assen, Drenthe

Drenthe : Hembrow holidays

This story is part of our youReport series.

Nigel has just returned from a great week cycling around the Drenthe area of the Netherlands, care of Hembrow Cycling Holidays.

He says: I am still gobsmacked about how the Dutch have really got their act together on so many levels. Liveable towns and cities. Public transport well sorted (just love those double-decker trains). Not to mention the cycling… what with seemingly everyone using bikes from cradle to grave. Almost literally – I hear that one of the common causes of cycling casualties is old people dropping dead off their bikes. (What a way to go). Would we go back there for more? What do you think? Besides, I owe David and Judy Hembrow a beer.

Here are some unforgettable photos:

Nigel - Assen, Drenthe
Photo 1 – Assen streetlife. Not a lot of car parking space needed. You can drive a motor along it too if you need to… but the need’s not very pressing it seems.

Nigel - Assen, Drenthe
Photo 2 – Assen streetlife, bicycles and people

Nigel - Assen, Drenthe
Photo 3 – Inspired by Copenhagenize. Taken to demonstrate the cycle traffic lights. Works in the same way as our pedestrian light phase. All car lights at red; the rider touches the pad to request a green light; when the bike lights go green the bikes go every which way they choose. Simple.

Nigel - Hoek van Holland
Photo 4 – Hoek van Holland, even some of the tower blocks have a bit of style. Or it’s falling over.

Nigel - Hoek van Holland
Photo 5 – Hoek van Holland, proper bike paths, where the bikes get priority across junctions. Sail before steam principle.

And David Hembrow makes clear the transformation Assen underwent, putting people first: