News clippings – Cyclists in call for bike photographs

Journal (5 August 2013)

Cyclists in call for bike photographs

BIKE campaigners are urging families to photograph examples of great cycling facilities as they take to their summer holidays.

Eager to improve cycling provision in the North East, the Newcastle Cycling Campaign wants to collect a “library” of great cycleways ad biking infrastructure, which it can then push for closer to home.

Together with other organisations the campaigners are putting together a conference ‘Love Cycling – Go Dutch’ in November to explain to the decisions-makers how the Dutch got their cycleways.

Katja Leyendecker of the said: “last year our campaign secretary Claire Prospert scouted our Assen and Groningen.

“This year we want everyone to lend us their eyes and ears and share their experience

“We have already collated positive pedal infrastructure stories from places in the Netherlands, Germany, Spain, Austria, Finland – and have even travelled as far as California in the United States.

“We’ve had such a positive response – but we always want more

“It means that we can use it to adapt our city, learning from these exemplar places, putting people and pedals first.”