Write to your MP – Get Britain Cycling debate

Cycling will be debated at the House of Commons on 2 September 2013. Nearly 70,000 – including many of you, signed the petition to implement the recommendations of the “Get Britain Cycling” report initiated by the Times “Cities fit for Cycling” campaign. And this support led to the debate.

It’s action time again! This time, we ask you to write to your MP so that they take part in the debate. It would be a great opportunity for our politicians to become more informed of the issues faced by everyday cyclists and how to overcome them. It is also an opportunity for them to support the recommendations of the report and in particular the call on the government to increase investment in the cycling infrastructure across the UK.

Go to the Cities fit for Cycling webpage:


and complete details under “Write to your MP” that will take you to the window where you can type your message.

We made it easier for you by drafting a message – it’s short and of course, you can add your own words and also stress how important it is for you.

“Dear …,

Could I please ask you to attend the Get Britain Cycling debate on Monday 2 September 2013, in the House of Commons. This matter is very important to me.

Britain’s streets are poorly designed, traffic-choked and are neither safe nor inviting enough for many people to consider taking the healthy sustainable and affordable option of everyday cycling.

Newcastle is no different compared to most cities in England: levels of everyday cycling are low (under 3%) and safe space for cycling is very limited and of low standards. Investing in quality cycle paths would have a massive and positive impact on health, the environment, people’s pockets and also the local economy.

Get Britain Cycling was initiated by The Times’ Cities Fit for Cycling and has the full support from the Newcastle Cycling Campaign and its members – I’m one of them. So I hope you can add your voice to our call for safe space for cyclists, here in Newcastle on behalf of your constituents.

Please would you let me know whether you can make the debate on 2 September 2013.

Yours sincerely,

Your name”