Whilst we remain a bit dubious about the longevity of a Skyride, a one-day event, it is the traffic-free conditions created through the Skyride that we’d like to see on more roads every day – or by the installation of protected cycle routes along main roads.

We’ll be at our partner’s cyclelicious the Cycle Hub and cheer you along. Stop by for a cuppa a chilled drink, cake or a chat. Or all of the above. We want to hear what YOU think.

The deal that British Cycling and Sky have closed with NewcastleGateshead is a three year contract. So, there are possibilities. Next year we want to see a traffic-free city centre perform a Ciclovía. The first one started in Bogotá, Colombia. Well, and the year after? What about the Central Motorway? If Germany can close down the famous autobahn (A40 ‘Still-Leben’, or Berliner ‘Sternfahrt’) and the city of Chicago manages without car access, Bristol manages car-free Sundays… then certainly we can do it too.

Our bulk of our local politicians appear a tad lukewarm towards cycling – we feel they should give it a go. Go on! On yer bike. It’s good for yah – so you have been telling us for decades. Live up to your own policies!

There is a bit of uncertainty how people will get to the event. We hope the organisers have thought about feeder rides to the Quayside. We also remain unclear about how successful these events are in making people use their bike for transport: cycle to school, works, shops visit friends – on more regular permanent basis. At the last council’s cycle forum, a briefing sheet was promised to be circulated, which we have not received yet. And the funding was not run by the forum. So a bit of prudent house-keepin’ would be grand.

We wish the organisers all the best and the greatest success. May the latent demand surge onto the the Tyne’s quaysides.

If we could only have this every day.