Farah reports from Paris

Paris : mon dieu, doing pretty well

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I’m not an expert when it comes to the cycling infrastructure but when I went to Paris a few months ago, I was pretty impressed by how cycle-friendly it was and I even spotted a few things that weren’t probably there a couple of years ago. So looks like the French are catching up and actually, in the Copenhagenize index 2013 of bike friendly cities, Paris is 14th, between Budapest and Hamburg. Not bad at all!

The back streets are quiet and equipped with contra-flows, a clear sign that cyclists are welcome.

Photo 1 – Contraflow

More could be done on the main roads but some of the avenues have dedicated cycle lanes providing safe space for quite a mixed range of people on bikes – didn’t see as many mamils [middle aged man in lycra, ed.] as in the UK!!

Paris 2-way cycletrack
Photo 2 – Two-way cycle track on a main road

Something else that seems to contribute to these efforts to integrate cycling into the mix of urban everyday travel for residents and tourists alike are the “velib”, they are everywhere!

Photo 3 – Paris hire bikes, Velib