Richard reports from Bremen

Bremen : Learning and teaching

This story is part of our youReport series.

Our partners Beauty and the Bike, aka Richard and Beatrix, welcomed members of Cambridge Cycling Campaign.

As Richard describes, it was a tour to highlight Bremen’s cycling infrastructure and we started by explaining, that every red line on this map represents a cycle path – so that every busy, main road has a cycle path alongside it.

Bremen Cycle Map Web

I know, this is something that campaigners in the UK can only dream of. Yet it is now built into the DNA of Bremen (though not all German) traffic planners. Busy main roads must provide for good quality, safe and attractive cycling infrastructure. This is what the Cambridge visitors really appreciated. This is what makes Bremen a cycling city. In 2012 Bremen ranked seventh in the ADFC (German CTC) cycle city test. If you look at cycling journeys it’s a city to be reckoned with as this article highlights. Bremen has one of the highest numbers of cyclists in the world.

Our visitors marvelled at the quality of Bremen cycling infrastructure. We explained how good infrastructure means freedom for kids on bikes, even at the age of four. Not to forget – all eyes were on the magic roundabout. We filmed previous visitors from Newcycling using this roundabout in 2012. Here is how it works :

And this is what a regular Bremen cycle lane looks like, along Wachmannstraße. At the end of the video… an older version of the magic roundabout “Stern Kreisel” :

The full story including the German television news report can be accessed here.