Newcastle’s Cycling Ambition

In April, Newcastle City Council published their bid for the Cycle City Ambition Fund (CCAF) which we warmly welcomed. While we are still awaiting the outcome of this bid (any minute now…) the council through the Cycle Forum has adopted it as a Programme of Works for city cycling.

Through the CCAF bid, Newcastle council has now decided a plan of works covering the coming years to improve cycling conditions in Newcastle. This is great, as this is something we have been lobbying the council for over the past couple of years! Some success for cycling at last!

There is a technical co-ordination group and a stakeholder group to be formed; members of the Campaign management committee are in both of these groups. Through the technical co-ordination group we will help steer and influence the technical decisions including design details and road layouts and through both the technical and stakeholder groups, we will continue to push the council to meet the aims and targets set within the CCAF bid, and within the council’s Cycle Plan and keep cycling on the public and political agenda.

We will of course keep you updated on the progress of Newcastle’s Cycle City Ambition Fund bid as developments occur.

Technical co-ordination group representatives:
Katja Leyendecker and Scott Dawson

Stakeholder group representatives:
Claire Prospert, Shannon Robalino and Rod Joyce