“Love Cycling – Go Dutch Conference” comes to Newcastle

Following conversations with the Dutch Embassy earlier this year, the Campaign is thrilled to announce that Newcastle will host a ‘Love Cycling – Go Dutch’ conference on 5 November 2013 at the Civic Centre.

It was through our initiative, and we are now actively involved in the preparation of the conference with Dutch Embassy and Newcastle City Council; good to have the support of Cllr Marion Talbot, the new Cycling Champion and also Newcastle University and their school of Architecture, Planning and Landscape.

The conference will be for decision-makers and practitioners in Newcastle (and its wider economic hinterland) to debate how cycling is at the heart of healthy and wealthy cities. The conference will inform, inspire and, we very much hope, lead to further collaboration with our Dutch neighbours. So here are some of the key topics to cover:

• How did the Netherlands become a cycling nation with the highest cycling levels in the world – nothing to do with genetics, we have been told!
• Why is cycling good for the economy – an opportunity to debunk some myths…
• Liveable cities and neighbourhoods
• What is sustainable safety? And what we can learn about road safety from the Dutch
• How to create strategic cycling routes and build cycle-friendly new developments
• The huge health benefits of everyday cycling – a reason in itself to invest in quality cycling infrastructure

One of the practical outcomes of the conference will be the redesign of a local junction or area according to Dutch design principles.

We’ll keep you informed. In the meantime, get in touch if you have ideas and views on who should be there (invites only!).

We will need volunteers for the day too, so tell us if you can help. Contact us

LCGD conferences were held in London, Bristol, Manchester and Edinburgh. Programmes and information can be found on the Dutch Embassy website here