Heaton Road pinchpoint

There has largely been positive news about cycling in our city recently. Here, however, is a sad story to tell. On attending the Newcastle City Council’s cycle forum yesterday we asked about progress with the pinchpoint removal on Heaton Road, reported previously here.

It now appears that apart from some extended double yellow line to deter car parking near the death spot, nothing else is done. This is of great concern. To us it seems that council puts a price tag on human life and its less than the cost of a zebra crossing. We heard that the council is setting up a working group to discuss cyclists’ problems with central islands like the one on Heaton Road.

Whilst we value a city-wide approach, we think all this is well known and documented already and that a fatality warrants more and quicker action. What is not well known is the scale of the problem for Newcastle and we ask the working group to look at mapping pinchpoints (central islands as well as build-outs), particularly around the Strategic Cycle Routes.

On Page 28 of the design bible for cycling, namely Cycle Infrastructure Design LTN 2/08, clearly states

LTN208 pinchpoint / bypass