George reports from Vienna

Vienna : VeloCity 2013

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Just in time for the conference „The Sound of Cycling – Urban Cycling Cultures“ June 11-14 2013 for world-renowned cycling visionaries to gather in Vienna … I had the opportunity for a quick working weekend/holiday in Vienna. So here is my observations over just three days in May, George reports.

Vienna seems a great place to cycle with cycle tracks from the city centre to the suburbs. The old town, inside the Inner Ring Road (built where the original medieval town walls stood), is fairly compact and flat. Although hills rise a few miles out of the city centre. Cycle tracks have been created by marking pavements, or taking a section of road and marking with kerbs. They’ve done a proper job with markings. The cycle tracks seem to be well used. In my very short experience in Vienna, cycle tracks are provided everywhere except the old city centre – which would be near impossible, but even there cycle parking is provided.

I didn’t have time to hire a bike, although there are lots of places to hire. U-Bahn (Metro) stations with “Boris” bikes, even the posh hotels had bike hire. The transport system is joined up, bikes are allowed on the U-Bahn without any problems. Bikes, trams, buses & U-Bahn all connected and join up. Below are some photos. The last one is a poster for “Wien Rad Ja 2013” [a local authority initiative that proudly proclaims Vienna’s pro-bike stance /ed. ].

Wien Pavement Junction

Wien Heavy use

Wien 3A Track

Wien Traffic light

Wien Station Hire

Wien 2013 Poster no1