Cycle City with Bikes on Metro

Something has shifted! Minds have been moved towards a more integrated transport system. In Newcastle City Council’s recent bid to the Cycle City Ambition Fund contained an astonishing statement from Nexus. Taking your bike on Metro trains may not be so fictional any more. Many thanks must go to Newcastle City Council who on behalf of cyclists and according to our Campaign priorities, letter to Cllr Todd and 13/14 priorities, kept the pressure on Nexus to see the light at the end of their long and dark tunnel.

Saying that, it’s worth bearing in mind that we really aren’t asking for that much. Remember all we want to see is a trial – possibly on certain metro stations, at certain times, for certain carriages or door / entry points. Many, if not all, light rail systems on the continent (also run by the same operator that Nexus use) allow bicycles on their carriages without difficulty.

Below are some excerpts from the bid document and statement for Nexus letter (the full letter is attached).

“Following recommendations of a task and finish group established to look at how cycling and public transport can be better integrated, the Board of Nexus shares the aspiration to allow the carriage of full sized bicycles on Metro, subject to detailed investigations to fully appreciate and ascertain all the aspects that would be involved in implementing this aspiration.”

Still quite careful – explore options and possibilities – but a huge step forward for Bernard Garner nonetheless.


And yes, there are caveats here too, but the overall tone of voice has somewhat changed.


Mentions the task-and-finish groups. And unsurprisingly – in case you’d ask – it was the Bikes on Metro group we exclusively attended.