Claire reports from Assen

Assen : bicycle priority

This story is part of our youReport series.

When – exactly a year ago to the day – Claire wrote a comprehensive report for the Cycle Embassy of Great Britain it not just resulted in local newspaper reporting on her journey to a better cycling city. Her photos still remind us today what happens when ‘cycling goes Dutch’. Claire came back with a lot of knowledge thanks to the study tour organised by Hembrow Cycling Holidays.

Let’s focus on priority that is afforded to cycling. And how it works.

Assen 09.05.12 (14)
Photo 1 – Crossing in residential area with cycling priority

Assen 10.05.12 (1)
Photo 2 – Cycle path crossing priority over turning (motor) traffic

Assen 08.05.12 (49)
Photo 3 – Cycle path with priority over turning off main road

Assen 08.05.12 (20)
Photo 4 – Cycling has priority over bus road!

Assen 09.05.12 (21)
Photo 5 – Out of town cycle priority over side road

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